We are an independent student-led Initiative, which was started by Eshan Sharma along with his friends at Delhi University, which aims to revive the love for India’s heritage and history. The idea is to promote the knowledge of history among young minds and inspire them to be inquisitive and passionate about this diverse field and to make the youth understand the importance of history and heritage.




"Eshan together with some other of his student friends at Delhi University has set up an organization called Karwaan: The Heritage Exploration Initiative. It is an impressive initiative and the fact that students have organized it is even more encouraging. In these days of lockdowns and in fact even in the post-lockdown days, it is a great idea to have historians and others speak on matters of serious interest to students and even the public at large."

Prof. Romila Thapar, Historian

A small initiative by Delhi University students to take authentic history to the common man through online platforms gathers the momentum of its own with noted historians addressing webinars to correct the falsification of history.

Frontline, The Hindu

Eshan Sharma truly believes that what he is doing will be looked back at by future generations as a quick glimpse into history, he believes he is creating a repository for students to refer to in the future.

The New Indian Express

It was one of the initiatives that began in the glorious pre-pandemic days. They started an online series known as the Karwaan Online History Festival: more than 60 historians from around the globe explored the subject for about five months through live streams on Facebook and Youtube.

The Indian Express



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