In a nation that is slowly forgetting its history, Karwaan: The Heritage Exploration Initiative, an independent student-led Initiative, which was started by undergraduate history students at Delhi University, aims to revive the love for India’s heritage and history. We began our journey in September 2019, when we organized a heritage walk to Tughlaqabad Fort with one of the most famous history buffs in Delhi, Sohail Hashmi sir. This initiative was founded by a young writer and heritage activist Eshan Sharma along with his friends, Nishant Singh, Abhigyaa Mittal, Aditya Singh, Anurodh Singh Shakya, and Mansi Rautela.

Since then we have organized many walks and lectures by historians at heritage sites. The idea is to promote the knowledge of history among young minds and inspire them to be inquisitive and passionate about this diverse field and to make the youth understand the importance of history and heritage.

In a rapidly changing world, where everyone is in a blind race, people are forgetting their roots, their history, and their origins. Historical sites in India are losing its charm and glory, tangible and intangible heritage of India is rich and diverse, which is not being explored by people. #YehDeshHaiMera is a campaign started by an independent student-led heritage exploration initiative, known as Karwaan to promote those tangible and intangible heritages that have been forgotten with time or are on the verge of extinction. For a better future, we need to preserve our past because when you are in the present you cannot escape your past and when you study history, you cannot escape the present. History is connected to us, it is what we are today. History shapes our future and it is important to promote it among the youth.




He can usually be found reading a book, and that book will more likely to be a nonfiction. Eshan Sharma is a History buff, an international writer and Activist based in New Delhi. He is currently pursuing his under graduation in History from Dyal Singh College, Delhi University. He is the Founder of an independent student-led heritage exploration initiative, Karwaan: The Heritage Exploration Initiative. He is recently listed in the Delhi University 21 Under 21 List of Young Achievers, published by India’s largest independent student newspaper DU Beat and he was featured by the Achievement Cell, Delhi University. He has been a speaker at various platforms, literature festivals. He is also known for writing a motivational book based on Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam’s life titled The Teacher I Never Met at the age of 16. An active contributor on online platforms including Youth Ki Awaaz, Eshan has spent last four years reading and writing articles on Indian youth. He has been a writer since the age of eleven.



Head Coordinator

Nishant Singh is pursuing a Bachelor's in History from Dyal Singh College, University of Delhi. He is a history fanatic and loves travelling a lot. He has a keen interest in recalling India's past by exploring the rich heritage of our country. For him travelling means gaining experience and knowledge. Architectural History is one of this favourite topics and he can talk about it for hours. He has covered 21 UNESCO sites and has a dream to cover all 38 by the end of his undergrad.The main purpose of forming Karwaan was to stimulate Our ancient past and promote our rich culture among youngsters which is succumbing from this modern generation and we are doing our best to make this happen. Nishant can always be found roaming in North Campus or Sudama Tea Point discussing Political issues with his friends or even with strangers. His main strength is that his ideas and opinions are not rigid and can collect knowledge from wherever he can.



Content Head

Anurodh is pursuing a B.A. in History Hons. from Dyal Singh College. A history enthusiast and has a deep interest in art, architecture, and iconography.  Other than this he's an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction and also has an interest in the sciences, art, and writing.  You'll often find him quiet but has a lot to tell. For him, he is 'still learning and is bombarded each day with new perspectives. So, has to learn a lot'



Creative Head

An undergrad student of Delhi University, Abhigyaa Mittal is a very versatile and a hardworking person. She is a professional graphic designer and a photographer. Her very reason to join karwaan was her soulful love to history and heritage and her urge to preserve them in her own unique way. Her speciality is that she can find beauty in anything and she loves to do street photography. She can always be found with her nose stick between either her laptop or her camera,uninterested in the torments of this world. She believes that while goals can be achieved on one's own, having a team makes that journey more pleasant and adventurous.



Content Co-Head